The Celtic Diet

©2010 Shanna Ohmes

Have you ever thought about following the diet of your ancestors?  I have thought a lot about it over the last few years and recently started focusing my research in on my ancestry and what they would have had in their diet.  I started with lots of root veggies and seaweeds, and then sardines, foods my Celtic and Germanic ancestors probably would have had access to.  On the days I eat these foods I feel better!

I just found a book that made my research easier!  The Celtic Diet, by Breanne Findlay goes through the history of the Celtic tribes and historical evidence of what they ate.  I’ve been pleased that my intuition and the book are in line with each other.  The Celtic Diet gives recipes and nutrition facts on:  Herbs and Spices, Alcohol, Vegetables, Dairy, Fruit, Meat (grass fed), Fish, Haggis, Sweeteners, Oats and more.  And it’s a whopping 183 pages!  It’s a digital ebook, easily and instantly downloaded to your computer!

For more information on The Celtic Diet       Click Here!

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