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The Ultimate Guide to Canning and Preserving

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Have you wanted to learn how to can and preserve food from your garden, the farmers market or even from the produce aisle in your supermarket?

The Ultimate Guide to Canning and Preserving by Victoria Stewart will show you how to preserve your own food.  She also offers a Free Canning and Preserving Mini Course to get you started!  She will take you through the home canning basics on the food canning process including recipes, even for baby food!

I canned our food for years.  There is nothing in this world like walking into your pantry or cellar and seeing rows and rows of beautiful jars of food that you put up yourself and knowing you have taken an active role in feeding your family for the months (or even years), ahead.  With the downturn of the economy, it is time to go back and learn the skills our grandparents knew to save money and still eat healthy.  You can take charge of your finances and grocery bill by putting up your own food.  You will be peace of mind knowing you can feed your family, even when paychecks are cut or jobs are lost.

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